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Tell-Tale Signs That Your Boiler Needs Repairing

30th August - Posted in News

Boiler repairs are one of the most dreaded expenses in any household, as not only can they run up bills of hundreds of pounds, but they also seem to happen during the coldest days of the winter! When it comes to household repairs, it always pays to be proactive and look for signs that may suggest an appliance needs servicing or repairing, and your boiler is no different. Below you will find the most common signs that tell you that your boiler could need repair work, maintenance or even a complete replacement.

Excessive noise coming from the boiler

It is normal to hear some noise every time you turn your boiler on however if you hear unusually loud or constant clunking or popping noises coming from the boiler, it might be time to get an engineer check it out. Unusual noises could mean that there is a build-up of debris or lime scale, or that the pump has reached the end of its working life. Failing to repair a noisy boiler could make things worse and cause the pipes and pump to corrode.

Water leaks

While a boiler may continue to function while experiencing water leaks, it will do so inefficiently, as the water losses will run up higher energy bills. Check the base of the boiler for any signs of leaks or dripping, and if you notice any, call an engineer at once.

Pilot light switching itself off

If the pilot light keeps going out, it may be a sign that have problems with the water pressure or need a new thermocouple. The latter is a safety device that turns the boiler off to prevent gas leaks, so this is not a repair that you can postpone yet can only be carried out by certified engineers.

A pilot light that constantly goes off might also indicate that carbon monoxide is escaping from the boiler. This is a serious health hazard with symptoms that often get mistaken for flu or a simple headache. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal, so don’t take your chances.

We at Moatside Plumbing & Heating are an established team of plumbers and certified heating engineers serving the Northampton area. You can trust our team to carry out all types of boiler servicing, repairs, installations and replacements. All our jobs are guaranteed for 12 months and we operate a transparent pricing system so call us today for a free quotation.


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